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Google Run (2nd?) TV Spot

So what do you make of it?

Google Chrome, Japan by Google on YouTube [via AdWeek].

Strikes me as pitching somewhere between the understatement of Common Craft (who have been commissioned by Google in the past) …

Twitter in Plain English by leelefever on Vimeo.

… and the advertising/ embellishment, for example, of 3’s Ridiculously Easy Email by glue London (you can read a discussion of this spot at ViralBlog):

3’s Ridiculously Easy Email by tookie084 on YouTube.

I met a London-based Creative Director not that long ago who said the ‘instructional video’ would replace ‘advertising’.

Now that seems like too narrow a view for me.

All the spots featured here are for tech clients, explaining either new technology or unfamiliar interface.

But beyond that, there’s clearly an ‘advertising’ way to do the instructional.

And further beyond – there’s a question:

How many websites, browsers or mobile phones needed this kind of instructional video 3 years ago? 5 years ago?

What’s changed?

Please do it at home

When Zico left his role as Minister of Sports in Fernando Collor de Mello‘s government, he must have known things would be different in Japan.

And although the White Pelé quickly earned the fans’ adulation at Kashima Antlers, going on to manage the national team at the 2006 World Cup, he couldn’t always understand the culture.

Players, apparently, expected instruction. Not just tactical guidance – they would, at times, look to the touchline for direction. “What should I do when I have the ball? How should I proceed?”

Interesting to see how Japanese metro signs differ from the ones TfL produce here in London.

They don’t ask for a change in attitude (“be nice”), and they don’t just state what you can’t do (“No Smoking”). There’s no criticism of loud music, mobile phones or make-up application. Simply an instruction to proceed – “Please do it at home”.

Everyone’s entitled to their own vices, as long as they keep them private. Do what you like, but don’t make your dirty mess in public.

So what are these suicide barriers on the platform saying?

Hiding in Your Machine

Not a bad job, really. Small office – but one whole wall for a window. Wow.

What are the tips like?

Wait a second… It’s just an ad. And from a company that speaks in German. Well that’s another opportunity lost.

Luckily for everyone in the first world, it’s easy to get a bad job. The trick is keeping it.

It’s harder to get hold of a good job. And when you do it might take hold of you. Pressing more buttons and a kicking when you don’t produce. Without regular oiling, it can make you click into machine mode to protect yourself.

Not in Japan. To evade assailants and superiors you can dress up as machine and stay safe. Although it would involve hours of standing still.

Best way to stay unspotted in the metropolis. But too much robot and no progress. Shame we do it most when there’s greatest pressure. Greatest sense of danger, in public or private.

You can switch off and relax.

In Japan, crime rates are getting lower. The average age is getting higher. You’ll live, even if you’re a cyborg. You can get a job in a vending machine if it gets too much.

While we’re on that – milk two, please. Anyone else want a cup?