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Street-Splintered Ad Mosaics

Toronto street artist Posterchild went to New York this month and transformed digital ad platforms into stained-glass graffiti installations. Watch the video below. (via)

At the same time, the CutUp Collective are removing London ad posters wholesale, cutting them into thousands of bits, then reconfiguring the display space with their recycled material. (via)

Do corporate identities represent the last big remix taboo? Now that brands are present in social online spaces, will they ever let themselves be personalised?

Or is it left for the street artist to educate them in humanity?

Previously: Brand logos remixed; Skullphone hijacks New York billboards.

Writing for Play Time

Meant to share this a long time ago but I foolishly moved flat and left my internet behind.

I’ve been writing for a microsite all day and trying to get system language out of my head. Because it’s not how people speak, and it can take the fun out of playing with a website.

This is a slideshow by Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design Studio (via PSFK).

I think she hits several nails on their different shaped heads. Think of the websites you enjoy visiting most. You don’t even notice the interface language – it’s all part of the place’s personality. You’re playing, and you’re in conversation.

When it feels like a machine’s barking at you, you know you’re in the wrong place. And chances are you’ll leave pretty quickly. So the writer’s challenge? Help people play better.

Simple Sounds Super Fun

Lovely work here by Marcelo Costa. Take something technological and simp it out.

It’s hugely satisfying to see such a beautifully simple idea done so well. Congrats, Marcelo! And a great choice of soundtrack – so crank your volume meter up.

Are Overlays Irritating?

Yes. Almost always. But this one for the California Alzheimer’s Association seems to get the measure of context, interaction and purpose. What do you think?

Footnote: I’ve just had another play with sound on and there’s a weird digital noise effect for the eraser. Not sure what that’s all about… Any guesses?

via Adverblog

Live at the FleaPit Cafe

Videos from last month’s London Poetry Systems launch night at the FleaPit are now online.

Here’s Henry Stead performing ‘A Visionary’s Visionary Vision’.

We spent a few weeks working together on each of his poems, and this live audiovisual performance is the product of those experiments.

From/To/Of Russia

Alexander Kosolapov, now based in New York, was born in Moscow.

His assaults on icons and commodity fetishism straddle these two axes with great intelligence and provocation.

(More on Alexander Kosolapov at Designboom.)

The twin dolls in this photographic series by German artist Monica Menez are heading to a picture postcard Russia.

(Via the beautiful blog We Make Money Not Art.)

From 1992 to 1994, Alexey Titarenko shot City of Shadows in St. Petersburg. His long black and white exposures dislodge time and the results are truly moving (via).

So – from Russia, to Russia, of Russia. A country that inspires, agitates and haunts, casting its spectral shadow over the 20th century.

I’d love to visit. And I hope these artists set you off on a journey of your own.

Show Workings with Jing

A special something’s been developed by TechSmith – the same people behind SnagIt.

(SnagIt, if this counts for anything, is the best screengrabber I’ve used on Windows so far).

With the Jing Project, you can record video of anything you’re doing on your computer and share instantly. After a free installation, it’s all yours.

What can you do with this? Here’s a little demo…