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Enter the ROJO®

ROJO®tv is now switched on. Broadcasting via internet from an HQ in Catalonia.

The “consortium” run visual rackets from Milan, São Paulo and Barcelona.

And with the quality coming out of Spain and Brazil in particular, you could almost shrug at this site for being excellent all over.

But it’s a hot day on the beach.

The video content is beautiful. The sun’s out. It’s worth having a bask. Warmed up a few ideas for me.

How to VJ #1

We bump into each other at the bar.

You: So you’re going to write some stuff about VJing?

Me: Yeah, it’s something I get asked about. Figure I should put some thoughts down. I taught myself through trial and error – it’s hard to find anyone who can give practical advice.

You: But what’s the point? Where do you start? Most people haven’t heard of VJing.

Me: I’m going to start with a question. 

You take photographs. You write notes and doodle.

You have eyes and those eyes see hundreds and thousands of things every day that arrest you.

Any mark you make, any visual record you take of the world around you, whatever your eyes process – could all be used in VJing.

Focus your mind on the frame. That’s your first blank space. What can you make or find to put in it?

Until you consider that, you shouldn’t start. The BBC recommends starting with a camera and a computer. Their advice is sound, but they’ve skipped a few beats.

Your material doesn’t need to be filmed, for one. You don’t need to use software, for two (more on this later).

You can use anything that’s visual. You could use words alone, if they’re written well. Play a Nina Simone record and tell a story about multiple orgasms in North Korea, if you like.

Just get the frame in your head and start filling it with your eyes.

Up next: #2 How can it dance?