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Insult Jonathan from Spotify

Maybe it’s juvenile. Maybe it’s crowdsourced cyber-bullying.

But dang. It’s funny. Jonathan from Spotified Ruined your Playlist.

Spotify 4

Spotify 7

Spotify 9

Spotify 10

FYI – if you don’t have the spare time or inclination to insult Jonathan from Spotify, you might want to ‘change up’ instead.

We have Spotify on at work but for my money is the winner.

More crowdsourced emotions:

Twistori: how do you feel?

We Feel Fine: but it’s ‘complicated’

– Wouldn’t life be better if there was an app for that?

Fail Share: File Proof

I’ve been using Pando here and there since a helpful review in Wired. Anyone familiar with BitTorrent or programmes like Soulseek might think it’s too simple. But that’s the best thing about it.

You can send packages of up to 1GB at a time to friends. They’ll get an email to let them know. Once they’ve downloaded the Pando client, they can open their package and play.

Fast, clean and usable. I like it. It’s a great way to pick something particular for someone particular. A really satisfying way to share.

But if you think you might not be getting through with Pando, or any other site you use, you can try this:

Downforeveryoneorjustme only does one thing. You enter a URL and see if a site is down for everyone or just… you get it by now. Thanks to Iain Tait for this spot of helpful advice.

Without good advice, anyone can be an expert at failure. Think demux is now two weeks old. Some friends have shared thoughts about the site. Some people even appear to be reading it regularly.

But what do you think?

If you can post a helpful comment, I’ll have a better idea of where to go next. You’ll get a better read the next time you visit.

Dodge Ads on a Segway

Chances are you’re bored of Facebook. It was too easy. You just studied the hip cats and robbed their essence of cool.

But the fraud was too successful. It rained spam. Everyone wanted a piece of you. People you barely knew were firing sawn-off Super Pokes from all angles.

Marketers caught up and brands wanted their own weapons. The best marketers started making useful applications for Facebook and MySpace (Paul Isakson is worth a read on this). But people were already migrating to Twitter to get out of the cross-fire.

Now you can search Twitter posts with Tweet Scan. That could be exciting for you. You might want to find other friends who are “bored”, “happy” or “bored”. Maybe?

But Paul Chaney has identified a sinister angle to this story. By using Tweet Scan, ad men can target the flock according to their mood. And that’s their mood as they’ve stated it. Live.

There’s only one solution: escape on a Segway.

That’s right. The Segway. You can speed to social victory on a Segway.

There was a lot of flapping about the Segway. There’s a lot flapping about social networking. Segway made their own social site for Segway users. Wow. You can almost hear the tumbleweeds rolling in cyberspace.

But we can hijack these empty brand spaces. Why the hell not? Flip it around. Take it to the advertisers. Let’s get social with a Segway. At least we’ll only be harassed by Segway in the process.

That’s not too bad, if you think about it.

Segway was, and is, after all, the future.