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Ads & Obama: New Low

After Pepsi’s piggybacking I thought the worst was over. I was wrong. So wrong.


Duet Ice Cream: Obama by Ravoshod (Russia) via Ads of the World.

Click the image if you want to see this larger. But I hope you get the picture.

This ad is rolling around in a whole new nadir. Low low low.

Can’t believe ice cream has got so tasteless these days. Fat kids and the freshly-dumped will have even more to cry about. How cruel.


Pepsi steal Obama’s logo. Or vice-versa?

Yes You Can vs. I’m a PC

This is Post 101 on think demux. It felt apt, in the spirit of Orwell, to address “the worst thing in the world” – or at least the worst thing in advertising.

Which of these global campaigns makes the bile swell to your throat?

1. Pepsi – Yes You Can

So Pepsi have seen a bandwagon and smacked their heads trying to leap on the back of it. They didn’t just ape Obama’s logo – but stole his slogans too.

Pepsi is, of course, the Choice of the New Generation. So there’s an argument this isn’t off -brand. But it seems a long, long way from their innovative ads of the past. The piggybacking is shameless.


2. Microsoft Windows – I’m A PC

Just when Apple were beginning to damage themselves with their ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign – Windows limped back into the arena.

It wasn’t just the sluggishness of the response, but the lack of invention. They tried to answer back at the Mac – on the terms of the original insult. Would The Onion‘s spoof have made a better comeback?

Cast your vote.

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For $57 – Change

I can’t help but feel optimistic this morning, and I’m hopeful – with the biggest turnout in US election history – that we have a new, engaged generation.

Obama’s arrival will come to symbolise far more than the erection of a new American idol. Watching the crowds celebrate, I felt a bigger, richer sense of people coming together. The victory is theirs.

I hope we’ll continue to witness that joy and humanity on the streets.

There’s a short film that’s doing the rounds now (via BOOOOOOOM!) that seems all the more timely. Shot entirely on mobile phone, on the streets of Sydney and New York:

Mankind is No Island, by Jason van Genderen (director), Shane Emmett (producer) and John Roy (music composer) won Best Film at Tropfest NY 2008. The story created from found signage, beating 100 submissions from around the world, cost just $57 to make.

Small change. But we can all make small changes. That’s how a big change will happen.