What is think demux?

Demux is to do with the inputs and outputs of electronic information.

The idea here is to channel some sparks.

I’m not an expert in electronics. I’m not an expert in anything. I make adverts, write and VJ in London. Want to share an input? Or make a connect?


Creative copywriter at AKQA, although this blog is not affiliated in any way.

You can view my professional profile at LinkedIn and my portfolio on Cargo Collective if you want to know what I get up to in my daytimes.


Features on music, design and graffiti for Brazilian magazine Jungle Drums. Previews for Le Cool London.

Editor of Mark Cousins’s new book Widescreen: Watching. Real. People. Elsewhere. Contributor to Le Cool: A Weird and Wonderful Guide to London (Guardian review of that book is here).


Started in February 2005 as resident for Trouble (Edinburgh).

In London, I’ve VJed at the ICA, Big Chill House, Chelsea Arts Club, 333, The Egg, seOne, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Jacks and The FleaPit Cafe.

I’ve done shows with Daddy G (Massive Attack), Louie Vega (Masters at Work), Rainer Truby, Far Out Recordings, Scratch Perverts, Plump DJs, Benga and Morgan’s Spiced rum.

Right now? I play for The Correspondents, London Poetry Systems and HOLD TIGHT.

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