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Where’s the Best Before?

Cracking concept by JWT London and some off-smelling comments on Ads of the World. One wit asks what topping the birds will add from their park tree perch.


It’s obviously a tasty bit of work, whatever the weather. And the KitKat is a structurally sound snack.

But how long does an Oreo stay good once it’s touched the floor? It feels like a pretty sturdy biscuit. Though I wouldn’t fancy it under a winter boot. Bad news for 6emeia’s mural and any 30ft-tall painted snackers.


These are all hazards of the ambient trade. Passers by will sit on your work. Stand on it. Maybe – in the absolute worse case scenario – take a good long look at it.

But you can beat nature at it’s own game.

The Glue Society saw the future of their outdoor ice cream. It was summer, it was Sydney, and it was a sticky mess of syrup goop. So they melted the van.


Makes me wonder what became of that Havaiana tree

It bloomed in South African spring. Must be summer there now. I hope it still looks so fresh and radiant.


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