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How to VJ #7

Had a whole barrel of fun playing with The Correspondents at Braindrop on Friday. Certainly a snap to the synapses after VJing for poetry the week before.

Along the way I met Clément, aka Pikilipita, and witnessed 8-bit VJing for the first time.


Photo credit: Ne1co

I’ve talked before about the fact that you don’t need a laptop to VJ.

Pikilipita is polemical about a ‘No Laptop’ policy. He’s a developer and designer, and over a year ago developed a VJ app for the Game Boy Advance.

On Friday, as we switched over between sets, he seemed pretty light on equipment. Just a PS2 and PS2 controller. He stood behind the Braindrop DJs and played his visuals like a console game using the PS24VJ software he finished developing earlier in 2008.

I was impressed by Pikilipita’s minimal set and the ease of his interactions. I’m even more impressed that you can get his apps through a “shareware” business model that only asks for voluntary donation.

On the subject of 8-bit/ ‘No Laptop’ – there’s Gijs Gieskes, aka strobovj. Take a look at the video below:

strobovj makes his animations with Gameboy camera then plays them through his stroboscope – a truly old school device (via). The animations can be synched to the clock of Game Boy musical app LSDJ.

There’s a heap of hacking, tinkering and repurposing going on. And the long and short of it is this – you don’t need a laptop to VJ.

Although it helps to be a developer.

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Bathtime in Clerkenwell

Award-winning animation by Alex Budovsky, to a soundtrack by The Real Tuesday Weld. Alex was born in St Petersburg and studied in New York. I clocked this through the happenstance of working in Clerkenwell (or thereabouts), so it’s a crazy little cuckoo world.

Thought I’d heard the song before, but didn’t realise it had been so loved by animators. This second interpretation is a short piece by Ori Toor. Couldn’t find much out about Ori (sorry, Ori) but I think he’s Israeli and he’s definitely a talented illustrator.

If you enjoy this kind of modern swingbeat jolly, and you happen to be in London, you should have a gander at The Correspondents. Congrats to Ian and Tim on their record deal! A lot of hard work, and I’m sure the good people at the Innocent Village Fete were duly treated this weekend past…