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Ads & Obama: New Low

After Pepsi’s piggybacking I thought the worst was over. I was wrong. So wrong.


Duet Ice Cream: Obama by Ravoshod (Russia) via Ads of the World.

Click the image if you want to see this larger. But I hope you get the picture.

This ad is rolling around in a whole new nadir. Low low low.

Can’t believe ice cream has got so tasteless these days. Fat kids and the freshly-dumped will have even more to cry about. How cruel.


Pepsi steal Obama’s logo. Or vice-versa?

Yes You Can vs. I’m a PC

This is Post 101 on think demux. It felt apt, in the spirit of Orwell, to address “the worst thing in the world” – or at least the worst thing in advertising.

Which of these global campaigns makes the bile swell to your throat?

1. Pepsi – Yes You Can

So Pepsi have seen a bandwagon and smacked their heads trying to leap on the back of it. They didn’t just ape Obama’s logo – but stole his slogans too.

Pepsi is, of course, the Choice of the New Generation. So there’s an argument this isn’t off -brand. But it seems a long, long way from their innovative ads of the past. The piggybacking is shameless.


2. Microsoft Windows – I’m A PC

Just when Apple were beginning to damage themselves with their ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign – Windows limped back into the arena.

It wasn’t just the sluggishness of the response, but the lack of invention. They tried to answer back at the Mac – on the terms of the original insult. Would The Onion‘s spoof have made a better comeback?

Cast your vote.

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