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Your Seat is for Sale

Caffeinated coffee is a stimulant. But look around you the next time you’re in a chain cafe. Listen to the elevator jazz. You’d think they were peddling morphine.

Homestead is a cafe that won’t slip an anaesthetic into your hot cup of joe. Thankfully, it reclaimed its place in Farringdon a few weeks ago. Although it won’t be around for long – and they might sell the chair from under you before you drain your mug.

All the lovingly-curated curios are for sale. Doesn’t that make you stop and think?

The big chain cafes, much like global chains of hotels, strive to give you the feeling that wherever you go you’re in the same place. However fresh and different the world outside, the interior will be familiar. As far as possible, identical.

For the international businessman, jet-lagged with malaise and dizzy with PowerPoints, that’s probably perfect. For everyone else, it’s got all the kick of a glass of Evian.

Homestead will stay on St John’s Street for the next two months. Come and stimulate yourself.