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Just how good is Eric Wareheim?

Major Lazer “Keep it Going Louder” by Eric Wareheim on Vimeo

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” by Eric Wareheim on Vimeo

Flying Lotus “Parisian Goldfish” by Eric Wareheim on Vimeo*

*Full video only seems to be available at

Maroon 5 – If I Never See Your Face Again by Eric Wareheim on Vimeo


Hi-Scores on MySpace

Boomkat, Phonica and RA ranked Los Angeles as one of the albums of the year.

And whatever you make of Flying Lotus’s music, his MySpace is a web design gem.


Love how he’s taken details from the Los Angeles sleeve art (see spreads here) to create his own computer game.

I’ve been lurking on MySpace more than usual of late and it hit me as a true stand-out on first glimpse.


To create a striking icon is one thing. To make it interactive for your fans is a different level. To take it into live performance is a full-on branding assault.

Reminded me of the smart work Zamir and Antoine did for Buraka Som Sistema. They designed the Black Diamond icon then transformed it into a VJing centrepiece:

But what do bands have to do with branding, and vice-versa?

There’s a nice post from Renny Gleeson on ouroborous about brands and fandom. The quote he’s picked from Rob Walker talks of the Facebook/ YouTube era as “fandom without stigma”:

It takes all the things that fans have been doing throughout the 20th century and makes them public, mainstream, commercial…”

So musicians and artists – those with vocal fans before the 2.0 revolution – will up their ante if they want to stay top of the hi-scorers chart.

The gaming will be fierce this year.