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It’s Another Op Attack

A few weeks ago I wrote about Manolo Guerrero’s Optica Normal typeface.

If you wish you had a ‘refresh’ button for your eyes you could add this Dioptical font to your bank. (Found on Michael Surtees’ DesignNotes.)


House 42 applied an optical trick to the Escaptionist Fonstruct font.

And DesignNotes couples it with a seriously heavy bit of RGB animation. Flectchowns is not for the epileptic -so  please read the warning.


Intense stuff. It wouldn’t be fair to leave your eyeballs high and dry like that.

So for the cold bath after the heat, here’s the latest collab between Eltono and MOMO on the ‘Makers’ series. Much gentler, equally geometric and, once again, quite beautiful. Watch it here.