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This Report Via Hologram

“We’re going to do something that’s never been done on television before.”

The words, last week, of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Before you ask yourself how that can be a real name – watch the clip below.

A real hologram?

Technically, no (a point well elucidated elsewhere). But let’s not get hung up on the technicality.

CNN liked the trick so much they kept turning it throughout election night. Later in the evening, witness Will I Am:

For a musician, he’s got awful timing. But wait a second… That’s because although his virtual body is in the real studio, the audio link still lags.

Hmmm… So what’s billed as hologram isn’t technically a hologram. The green screening is rough around the edges. And in spite of the spatial trick, the sound can’t keep up. All pretty comical.

Reminded me of Tchaikovsky’s ghost judging Music 2000 in Look Around You:

It’s understandable that TV wants to get less 2D, and I’d imagine that’s where all this comes from.

But in this context, a virtual 3D body is less credible than a real 2D image. It works for comedy, but not serious reportage. The perception that the hologram isn’t “real” is too overwhelming to see beyond it.

Conversely, in a strange twist of perception, a fake body with a real spatial existence can be more convincing. It can all be achieved in a glance.

As this work from OgilvyAction Amsterdam shows:


I wonder if anyone interviewed the man with the placard…