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Art Director Needed


I’m no art director.

But here’s the shocker: I’m a copywriter.

If that wasn’t a shock, you’re half way there. You’ve got that brand of blind imagination I need.

I can offer you an average of one idea per lunar month. Although I’m typing this post at 30 words per minute. Not to show off – just the kind of competence I’ll astound you with every day.

Do you live in London? Would you like to live in London? This might seem like a nosey question, so don’t feel obliged to answer. Just think about it.

If the answer was ‘yes’ – congratulations. You’ve won the unique chance to send an email.

Explain to me precisely why we should never work together. You’d better have a good excuse, or else you could find yourself sitting opposite me. 5 days a week. How does that sound?

guy at thinkdemux dot com

Strange Maps = Wonderful World

I was back in the 60s with Mad Men last night.

Art director Salvatore Romano delivers a line of expert irony. He rhapsodises about the future of advertising.

“The copy will follow the art, and not the other way round.”

It wasn’t a distant world after all. And I’ve been fairly speechless today. So I set out on a visual voyage – and Strange Maps is my pick of the morning.


Old Europe by Justine Smith.


An Absolut Mexico by Teran/TBWA Mexico.


World Beat Music by James Plakovic.


The Surrealist Map of the World, published in Variétés magazine (1929).