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Grrr Woof Meow Please

Put yourself on the paws of a chihuahua. The Mexican jibes are probably bad enough. But even when you’re not faced with xenophobes, punks talk down to you all day. Why can’t these oversized thugs learn some manners? Let’s go back to school: how to communicate with animals.

Lesson 1: Look an animal in the eye. Talk to that animal on their level. Stop being so condescending.

This is a smart piece of work by Belgian agency 10 (via Ads of the World). If we can make the effort to talk to feet on a level, animals deserve more grace.

Lesson 2: Speak to them in their language. You expect a Venezuelan to understand Russian? A footballer to “get” Tolstoy? Alan Shearer to develop a fashion vocabulary?

This was a lovely pick by Chris Wilson (I haven’t met or spoken to Chris yet, and I hope this in itself isn’t bad etiquette). He puts it well. People don’t like to be barked at.

Neither do animals. Well, I guess dogs do, when they’re in a bark mood. But they might be more up for a grrr.

Unless you look that chihuahua right in its beady eye, you’ll never know.