The Hand that Fames You

So Bren over at M&C told me about the new Pot Noodle ads.

“Flight of the Conchords rip-off” were his words.

You can be the judge of that:

Pot Noodle Advert – Moussaka Rap by R3SPAWNS on YouTube.

Pot Noodle advert – Doner Kebab version by IverHealth on YouTube.

Do we have another Booshgate on our hands? A theft of honey monstrosity?

Facebook Fans have been up in arms. Perhaps you, like Lauren, “just thought it was me thinking it until others agreed!”


Is it now fair game to rip-off the style of popular comedians, entertainers, celebrities?

Don’t those same celebs rip-off consumer culture and sponsorships?

Wasn’t it simpler when famos would prance around like a**holes – “against type”?

The Observer Sport Monthly reminded me of this “endorsement” gem:

Chicken Tonight Commercial (Ian Wright) by mrsimonukalt on YouTube.

Even the 21st century has its “against type” celebrity endorsements.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it – here’s Iggy “Lust for Life” Pop getting wired on respectably-priced insurance.

Swiftcover Iggy Pop Commercial by phatfubble on YouTube.

[Iggy, incidentally, couldn’t hold a Swiftcover insurance policy on account of his being a musician. But don’t let that prejudice your answer to the next question.]

So which is worse –

Embracing the hand that feeds you

Or waiting until it bites your style?

Previous ad controversy:

The Mighty Boosh vs. Sugar Puffs – Crimp Off

Fauxbama campaigns turn racist

Tropicana packaging: Is it all over Arnell?

“Adverts make things look bigger” scandal

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  1. Bren on

    Depends on your status as a celebrity. Ian Wright didn’t get famous for his anti establishment style, or off beat comedic genius. He was born in to the world of celebrity with the hand already inside his belly, or at least half way down his throat. The Iggy pop example affords more direct comparison with the Concords rip off: he’s unlikely to make chart topping music anymore, so why not cash in on his fame as the light dims on his career? I’m sure Iggy and the Stooges purists will be ranting furiously at their television screens across the country (perhaps the world), cursing at this “sellout”. I for one don’t care, I’m not a fan, more importantly I’m not the right generation. Would I be annoyed if “Britt” and Germaine appeared on my computer screen (TVs will be gone by then) in twenty years time, trying to sell me Cambells Soup, or a cereal bar with their inimitable style, and catchy tunes? Hell yes I would. But would someone 10 or 20 years younger than me? Probably not. They’d most likely say something along the lines of, “their probably not going to make any more award winning comedies, so why not cash in on their fame as their careers die”, or something like that. Right?

  2. […] in creativity is a difficult thing to get right – which is why Pot Noodle fails where Flight of the Conchords succeeds. But when it works, it really […]

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