A Very French Affair

I don’t understand how this ad got made. Time machine?

Macleans – Be Ready by M&C Saatchi/ David LaChapelle on YouTube.

Damn sure M&C Saatchi paid David LaChapelle in real 2009 money.

Which might not be worth so much now, things being relative. But they can’t be so relative the man came cheap.

He made Rize a few years ago, after all:

Rize Movie Trailer by digim on YouTube.

Pause those dancing clowns now. Really. We’ve got a question to answer.

How did that Macleans ad get made? How did it walk backwards out the stairs of a London agency?

I’m not sure. But I tripped over this article on French advertising in the New York Times:

“Long on sensuality, style and poetry, [French commercials] are notably lean on facts and nearly allergic to the rough-and-tumble of commerce…

“We stress sex and wit in our ads because that’s our culture,” Mr. [Stéphane] Martin [director of the French union for television advertisements], said. “Advertising is about presenting an idealized view of its audience. And this is who we would like to think we are.””

Chanel Egoïste – Montre-toi égoïste! (1990) by Jean-Paul Goude on YouTube.

French advertising had its golden era in the 1980s – coinciding with the cinéma du look (“the image is the message”) and the arrival of directors like Luc Besson and Jean-Paul Goude.

It wasn’t until 1968 that French TV aired commercial spots in the first place. And you could argue that French culture has never embraced the creative sale.

So maybe we don’t need a time machine. Donnez-moi un teleporter!

If you can afford LaChapelle you can expense that too, right?

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