We Sure Love to Dance

No comment needed. Just look at the hits for each of these vids.

Boombox by Ely Kim on Vimeo.

Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply on YouTube.

Where the Hell is Matt? by Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Kaoma – Lambada by igloows on YouTube.

OK, so that last one’s not a meme. I trick you.

But 20m views and counting for the Lambada? That’s deadly serious.

Why do we love to sit in front of a computer watching other people dance?

Did Saatchi & Saatchi sell their flashmobdance on the basis that dancing is the pinnacle of the entire universe?

People: throw your hats in to the circle. Best dance vids or better explanations pleeeeease.

Update – an addition

Over 20m viewers can’t be wrong, can they Audrey Q? Thanks for the tip-off.

“Thriller” (Original upload) by byronfgarcia on YouTube.

2 comments so far

  1. guy bingley on

    haha! that’s quite the find 🙂

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