The Tilt-Shift Perspective

It’s not been that tough a day, has it?

Career Builder Superbowl Ad by olivermermet on YouTube.

Tiny things will always bug. But put in perspective, got just right, the world can seem miniature.

I stumbled onto tilt-shift photography yesterday and found some expert examples at Smashing Magazine.


The photo below is by Vincent Laforet. I can’t find a credit for the one above, but original source was here.


Uneven waters in the Tilt-shift Miniature Fakes Flickr Pool. Which goes to show this isn’t an easy technique to pull off.

Although, weirdly, it’s not dissimilar to techniques in macro photography. And these pictures offer a different perspective altogether. Information-heavy, eyeball-to-eyeball but equally unreal.


Has anyone tried their hand at either tilt-shift or macro photography?

And did you see David Bergman’s 1,474-megapixel photo of Obama’s inauguration?

Previous photography:

Long exposures in St. Petersburg

Composites create imaginary buildings

Fog and light in rural Georgia

3 comments so far

  1. Matt Cooper on

    check out:

    if you haven’t already. Its got some other interesting tilt shift stuff. and is generally a good addition to you blog aggregator.

    Although if you’re anything like me, you’ll find tilt shift pretty boring after about a week. maybe i’m being too negative…

  2. guy bingley on

    thanks, Matt. i know what you mean about tilt-shift – seeing the bad executions took a sheen off it.

    can you tell me more about Dynamo London – looks like a very interesting project.

  3. Gaztron Hess on

    This is pretty funny…I came across a site that I thought you’d appreciate…Check out The channel on you suck at photoshop is pretty good. How’s things duder?

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