Readers Pop Your Retinas

I love this experimental type by Mexican graphic designer Manolo Guerrero (via).


Optica Normal is not very normal,” say your tricked eyes. Rightly so.

Manolo G build this type with orthogonal lines. It’s designed for 100+ pt size – check the PDF sample.


Inspiration came from the abstract geometry of Colombian op artist Omar Rayo. There’s a nice website for the Museo Rayo and you can take a virtual tour of it here.


How can it feel so good to hurt your eyes this bad? My retinas must have a mind of their own.

Previous geometry:

– The genius of Andy Gilmore

– Olympic op art: Mexico 68

2 comments so far

  1. Lazar on

    Yes, it is quite difficult, but actually quite a good idea. Do you think that there is a virtual game hiding in this: e.g. read the long sentence written in this font to enter the prize draw?

  2. guy bingley on

    Break your eyes to win a prize. Haha.

    Graeme showed me Paul Neave’s site a while ago:

    Maybe it suits video better – when there are three dimensions and you’re in more control?

    I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see the Alan Aldridge exhibition at the Design Museum ( It did some interesting stuff with 3D animations of his flats…

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