Cuprocking in London?

Is Andy Uprock in London?

This spotted on the corner of Brick Lane, and more discovered around Commercial St last week.

Uprock is doing a world tour of his floating cup installations with the branded endorsement of VICE and Mooks.

Self-promotional cups. If anyone reading this gets commissioned to write a second series of Nathan Barley, please take note.

3 comments so far

  1. James Brown on

    Aha! I saw this in old street about a couple of months ago.. and never knew it was something more than just a drunken monkey!

  2. guy bingley on

    It all makes sense now.

    So stupid people think it’s cool, and cool people think it’s stupid? Or vice-versa?

    The system should consider itself fucked, I presume.

  3. […] has evolved quite a bit from its spraycan origins. Laser tagging and cuprocking are ones that spring to mind. Some might argue that guerilla knitting isn’t a true graffiti […]

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